The Covid Entries

Covid Entries
The Covid Entries offer daily reports of the pandemic’s harsh surge in New York City in early spring 2020. The 56 entries provide real time observations of the early weeks when disease and fear transformed the city.

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Seventh Entry | communicated with a glance

abroad, 9/11 memorial


Seventh Entry

Photo: March 24, 2020 Sixth Avenue




Sent 4/18/20

Nineteenth Entry | singular sound

some absences more notable than others, eye contact


Nineteenth Entry

Photo: April 5, 2020 Sixth Avenue






Sent 5/12/20

Twentieth Entry | the same place and a different place

a different life, lack of planning, SoHo


Twentieth Entry

Photo: April 6, 2020 Greene Street






Sent 5/14/20

Twenty-fourth Entry 🔊 | urban isolation chamber

feeling lost, Yemen and aide programs, Notre Dame


Twenty-fourth Entry

4/10 Audio Goldberg variations, prelude 1, interlude in a quiet city. 3 min.

Photo: April 10, 2020 Rent Bill



Sent 5/22/20

Thirtieth Entry | losing a simple human gesture

the quiet of the morning remains delicious, job loss, masks


tieth Entry

Photo: April 16, 2020 Grand Street






Sent 7/1/20

Thirty-fifth Entry | savoring an absence

boarded up clothing stores, eye contact, 9-11 memorial


Thirty-fifth Entry

Photo: April 21, 2020 West Street




Sent 7/21/20

Forty-third Entry | the crystal ball is cloudy

sidewalks, Boeing, partisan news


Forty-third Entry

4/29 Audio Late night, out of balance, Mister Mister can I have a dollar. 2 min.

Photo: April 29, 2020 Avenue C




Sent 9/24/20

Fifty-second Entry | how we adapt reveals who we are

green shades, noise has returned


Fifty-second Entry

4/1 Audio Popular restaurants, Washington Sq Park skating sink, Flags at half mast. 2 min.

Photo: May 7, 2020 Eighth Avenue




Sent 10/30/20