Publisher and Producer of Assorted Documents and Events

Box 3 Productions began formally in 1992 following the 1983 serial mailings of “the typewriter scroll piece”. It has published essays on a range of topics: a 1996 letter  introducing the Third Spring Mailing (TSM) listed: art, life, noodles, smoke, pyramids, slush, fried hard boiled eggs, and the mating habits of masons.”

Three spring mailings (SM, SSM, TSM) were printed, folded stuffed and mailed to subscribers. Box 3 has pod-cast (audio tapes) “almanac across America” “sites no sentences” and “atlas across America”  Many of the past publications are still available (expect very long waits).

The home page photograph was taken in Manhattan, on the 100 block of West 21st Street in September 1981.  It shows, if you can find it, an early fire extinguisher painting by James Boorstein.  This formerly open space and exposed wall was replaced by a doorman building in the first decade of this century.

Box 3 Productions has many projects cooking, feel free to leave your contact info. and we will let you know when something is ready to share.

Hurricane Sandy ‘true darkness in Manhattan’ podcasts and a film called “LA Drive” By remain on the back burner.

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