Publisher and Producer of Assorted Documents and Events

Box 3 Productions began with the serial mailings of The Typewriter Scroll in 1983. Since then, Box 3 has published essays on a range of topics including: art, life, noodles, smoke, pyramids, slush, and fried hard boiled eggs.

For over a dozen years, three spring mailings (SM, SSM, and TSM) were printed and mailed to subscribers on several continents. Box 3 has published two books and produced several audios (what would now be called podcasts), including Almanac across America, Atlas across America, and Sites No Sentences. Many past publications are still available (expect long waits).

In 2020, Box 3 shared The Covid Entries and June Pictures with a very limited audience. Since 2018, Box 3 has shared a newly released essay from Delayering every year on September 11. Those who signed up for the long simmering Video Picture Calendar receive a single Video Picture each year on New Year’s Day.

Box 3 Productions has many projects cooking. Feel free to leave your contact info,. and we will let you know when something is ready to share. For now, Hurricane Sandy True Darkness in Manhattan podcasts, Tourist Art, and a film called LA Drive By remain on the back burner.


The home page photograph was taken in Manhattan on the 100 block of West 21st Street in September 1981. It shows, if you can find it, an early fire extinguisher painting by James Boorstein. This former open space and exposed wall was hidden by a doorman building in the first decade of this century.

More info   Dust in an apartment on Sullivan Street NYC    January 2012

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Projects  page

Delayering   Lower Manhattan, World Trade Center   August 1997

Covid Entries  Coffee Shop Window on Sullivan Street NYC   March 2020

June Pictures  A Black Lives Matter protestor on Spring Street NYC    June 2020

55 Pictures    Ice in Fort Tyron Park NYC   March 2017

Primary Lines    Back cover of book   2014

More Stuff   Fireworks   East River NYC  ~1993

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Venice map    Watercolor   1998

Cherry tree.  Riverside Park  (just north of the 79th Street Boat Basin)

Ode to Meteor Crater    Watercolor 1976

Typewriter Scroll   reading in  Chelsea NYC 1983