Why donate to Box 3 Productions?

Think of all the other things you could do with your money
buy a gun, a coffee, a book, support a charity, have a cocktail,
On the other hand, perhaps Box 3’s offerings have given you some enjoyment, respite, distraction, confusion, or maybe topics of conversation, inspiration, or rage – if so perhaps there is a value.

But how to monetize that, or any “non-essential” cultural service?

Aside from any “artistic” or creative value Box 3 has hard costs, the domains, the website (to create and keep up) the not quite clockwork mailings. The Box 3 team (who are paid a fair wage to make all this all happen).

Since the post Y2K digital birth of Box 3 Productions surely more than $10,000 has been spent, and our long pending Video Picture Calendar will cost 3 times that to get off the ground… A lot goes on behind the scenes for our simple offerings.

enough said

If you would like to add $10, $20, $30, $100, $300 into our pot please click to donate using  credit card  or  PayPal

Or send us a check, made out to Box 3 Productions  143 West 21st Street, #1  New York, NY  10011

Thank you.