The Covid Entries

Covid Entries
The Covid Entries offer daily reports of the pandemic’s harsh surge in New York City in early spring 2020. The 56 entries provide real time observations of the early weeks when disease and fear transformed the city.

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Eleventh Entry | flimflamery

Covid test, Calatrava’s oculus, a dire situation


Covid Entry Sixth Avenue
Eleventh Entry

Photo: March 28th, 2020
Sixth Avenue




Sent 4/26/20

Twelfth Entry | a level of unknown

World Trade Center Transportation Hub, first world horrific


Covid Entry Oculus
Twelfth Entry

Photo: March 29th, 2020




Sent 4/28/20

Thirteenth Entry 🔊 | the audible spectrum

defective masks, things have changed “utterly”, United Nations


Covid Entry Sullivan Street
Thirteenth Entry

3/30 Audio The haves and the have nots. 5 min.

Photo: March 30th, 2020
Sullivan Street



Sent 4/30/20

Twenty-fifth Entry | cigarette butts

good habits, the MET, “hero”


Twenty-fifth Entry

Photo: April 11, 2020 West Broadway


Sent 5/24/20

Twenty-sixth Entry | a darkly cloaked gift

an opportunity, a disruption, what makes each of us tick


Twenty-sixth Entry

Photo: April 12th, 2020
Mercer Street


Sent 5/31/20

Twenty-seventh Entry | covid dreams

lugging stolen toilet paper in a bed sheet, analogies to war



Twenty-seventh Entry

Photo: April 13th, 2020
Madison Street



Sent 6/19/20

Thirty-first Entry | a familiar strangeness

stillness, refridgerated trailers, riding the wrong way


Thirty-first Entry

Photo: April 17th, 2020
Bleecker Street




Sent 7/5/20

Forty-fourth Entry | cloud of safety, blanket of fear

tractor-trailer morgues, subway


Forty-fourth Entry

Photo: April 30th, 2020
Elizabeth Street




Sent 9/28/20

Forty-ninth Entry | another lesson of what is essential

rats, the Supreme Court, experts


Forty-ninth Entry

Photo: May 4th, 2020
West 23rd Street

Sent 10/18/20

Fiftieth Entry | information is a kind of noise

George Floyd, Vietnam War, May 4th Massacre



Fiftieth Entry

Photo: May 5th, 2020
3rd Avenue



Sent 10/22/20