The Covid Entries

Covid Entries
The Covid Entries offer daily reports of the pandemic’s harsh surge in New York City in early spring 2020. The 56 entries provide real time observations of the early weeks when disease and fear transformed the city.

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Photo: March 29, 2020 Sixth Avenue

Date: Wednesday, April 1 2020 at 4:00 AM
Subject: Boorstein has a blog??!!




Sent 4/1/20

First Entry | deaths with no funerals

the city is quiet, worse than 9/11


First Entry

Photo: March 6, 2020 Sixth Avenue Staples



Sent 4/4/20

Second Entry | a true crisis

knowledge rising, even if slowly


Second Entry

Photo: March 15, 2020 Houston Street






Sent 4/7/20

Third Entry | trash in empty streets

1970s manufacturing, taxi garage


Third Entry

Photo: March 17, 2020 Prince Street






Sent 4/9/20

Fourth Entry | fire drill for the apocalypse

wise friend, headed for the hills


Fourth Entry

Photo: March 19, 2020 100 Sullivan Street





Sent 4/11/20

Fifth Entry ? | new territory

foghorns, freshly cut plum branches, Central Park


Fifth Entry

3/21 Audio Grocery lines, spring blossoms, and barbershops. 5 min.

Photo: March 21, 2020 Sixth Avenue




Sent 4/12/20

SPECIAL Entry - Easter | boarding up essential work

global news, virus is spreading


Special Entry – Easter

Additional Photos

Photo: April 12, 2020 Prince Street





Sent 4/14/20

Sixth Entry | calls from around the country

cronuts, online work attire


Sixth Entry

Photo: March 23, 2020 Sullivan Street


Sent 4/16/20

Seventh Entry | communicated with a glance

abroad, 9/11 memorial


Seventh Entry

Photo: March 24, 2020 Sixth Avenue




Sent 4/18/20

Eighth Entry | stock market up two thousand points

self-grooming, hope people are looking out their windows, mitzvah trucks


Covid Entry West 21st Street
Eighth Entry

Photo: March 25, 2020 West 21st Street






Sent 4/20/20

Ninth Entry | a biker's paradise

mailing cremated remains, empty streets


Ninth Entry

Photo: March 26, 2020 Sullivan Street






Sent 4/22/20

Tenth Entry ? | uniquely ill-equipped

aid package, public schools, a tiger with covid


Covid Entry Prince Street
Tenth Entry3/27 Audio Spring Street, Oculus, Hurricane Sandy. 6 min.

Photo: March 27, 2020 Prince Street



Sent 4/24/20

Eleventh Entry | flimflamery

Covid test, Calatrava’s oculus, a dire situation


Covid Entry Sixth Avenue
Eleventh Entry

Photo: March 28, 2020 Sixth Avenue






Sent 4/26/20

Twelfth Entry | a level of unknown

World Trade Center Transportation Hub, first world horrific


Covid Entry Oculus
Twelfth Entry

Photo: March 29, 2020 Oculus




Sent 4/28/20

Thirteenth Entry ? | the audible spectrum

defective masks, things have changed “utterly”, United Nations


Covid Entry Sullivan Street
Thirteenth Entry

3/30 Audio The haves and the have nots. 5 min.

Photo: March 30, 2020 Sullivan Street




Sent 4/30/20

Fourteenth Entry ? | gatherings are evaporating

begging for health care workers, projected deaths


Fourteenth Entry3/31 Audio Springtime, flowering trees, six feet apart. 3 min.

Photo: March 31, 2020 Sixth Avenue



Sent 5/2/20

Fifteenth Entry | what does it take to change a place?

toilet paper demand, “informed projections”


Fifteenth Entry

Photo: April 1, 2020 Prince Street






Sent 5/4/20

Sixteenth Entry | one cannot live forever

ethical guidelines, canned goods, throwing stuff away


Sixteenth Entry

Photo: April 2, 2020 Thompson Street






Sent 5/6/20

Seventeenth Entry ? | some things change more quickly

masks, confirmed cases


Seventeenth Entry

4/3 Audio 1
Eye contact, clang – clunk, a train car to yourself.
6 min.

4/3 Audio 2
Tulips, kindly garbage trucks, mood shift. 2 min.

Photo: April 3, 2020 West 21st Street


Sent 5/8/20

Eighteenth Entry | plans and endings

quiet spring, Empire State Building


Eighteenth Entry

Photo: April 4, 2020 Sixth Avenue






Sent 5/10/20

Nineteenth Entry | singular sound

some absences more notable than others, eye contact


Nineteenth Entry

Photo: April 5, 2020 Sixth Avenue






Sent 5/12/20

Twentieth Entry | the same place and a different place

a different life, lack of planning, SoHo


Twentieth Entry

Photo: April 6, 2020 Greene Street






Sent 5/14/20

Twenty-first Entry | "chance operation"

Trader Joe’s line, temporary morgues


Twenty-first Entry

Photo: April 7, 2020 Prince Street






Sent 5/16/20

Twenty-second Entry | normal now needs to be defined

death toll, flags at half-mast


Twenty-second Entry

Photo: April 8, 2020 Sixth Avenue




Sent 5/18/20

Twenty-third Entry ? | new term - "social distancing"

government relief, New York and Venice, prisons


Twenty-third Entry

4/9 Audio April showers, seeing the wind, horn honk. 2 min.

Photo: April 9, 2020 MacDougal Street


Sent 5/20/20

Twenty-fourth Entry ? | urban isolation chamber

feeling lost, Yemen and aide programs, Notre Dame


Twenty-fourth Entry

4/10 Audio Goldberg variations, prelude 1, interlude in a quiet city. 3 min.

Photo: April 10, 2020 Rent Bill




Sent 5/22/20

Twenty-fifth Entry | cigarette butts

good habits, the MET, “hero”


Twenty-fifth Entry

Photo: April 11, 2020 West Broadway


Sent 5/24/20

SPECIAL Entry - Mid

Special Entry – Mid

Additional Photos

Photo: May 5, 2020 Spring Street


Sent on 5/28/20

Twenty-sixth Entry | a darkly cloaked gift

an opportunity, a disruption, what makes each of us tick


Twenty-sixth Entry

Photo: April 12, 2020 Mercer Street


Sent 5/31/20

SPECIAL Entry - Post-Break

Special Entry – Post-Break

Additional Photos

Photo: June 3, 2020 Sixth Avenue





Sent 6/15/20

Twenty-seventh Entry | covid dreams

lugging stolen toilet paper in a bed sheet, analogies to war


Twenty-seventh Entry

Photo: April 13, 2020 Madison Street






Sent 6/19/20

Twenty-eighth Entry ? | gasoline under $2.00 per gallon

eye contact, false negative tests, prisoners


Twenty-eighth Entry

4/14 Audio Tax day, Jefferson Market Library, six bells. 1 min.

Photo: April 14, 2020 Broome Street

Sent 6/23/20

Twenty-ninth Entry | eating a bush

haircuts, subway ridership, take-out


Twenty-ninth Entry

Photo: April 15, 2020 Worth Street






Sent 6/27/20

Thirtieth Entry | losing a simple human gesture

the quiet of the morning remains delicious, job loss, masks


tieth Entry

Photo: April 16, 2020 Grand Street






Sent 7/1/20

Thirty-first Entry | a familiar strangeness

stillness, refridgerated trailers, riding the wrong way


Thirty-first Entry

Photo: April 17, 2020 Bleecker Street






Sent 7/5/20

Thirty-second Entry | illegal jogging

testing, vaccines for common diseases


Thirty-second Entry

Photo: April 18, 2020 Spring Street




Sent 7/9/20

Thirty-third Entry | one's heartbreak is another's delight

high temperatures, paycheck protection program


Thirty-third Entry

Photo: April 19, 2020 Greene Street




Sent 7/13/20

Thirty-fourth Entry | you cannot make this stuff up

point of reference, free oil


Thirty-fourth Entry

Photo: April 20, 2020 Greene Street





Sent 7/17/20

Thirty-fifth Entry | savoring an absence

boarded up clothing stores, eye contact, 9-11 memorial


Thirty-fifth Entry

Photo: April 21, 2020 West Street




Sent 7/21/20

Thirty-sixth Entry | morgue trucks keep humming

restaurants, airlines, military readiness


Thirty-sixth Entry

Photo: April 22, 2020 Sixth Avenue






Sent on 7/25/20

Thirty-seventh Entry | throwing things away

the media, student-teacher relations


Thirty-seventh Entry

Photo: April 23, 2020 Canal Street






Sent on 7/29/20

Thirty-eighth Entry | the non-reversing mirror

haircutting, re-opening, lysol cocktail


Thirty-eighth Entry

Photo: April 24, 2020 West 21st Street




Sent on 8/2/20

Thirty-ninth Entry | freedom over saftey

alone, restaurants, reinfections


Thirty-ninth Entry

Photo: April 25, 2020 Sullivan Street




Sent 8/6/20

Fortieth Entry | injecting disinfectants

Hubble space telescope, gas prices, covid testing


Fortieth Entry

Photo: April 26, 2020 Broadway


Sent 8/10/20

Forty-first Entry | food insecure

May chill, unemployment, all we need is lip service


Forty-first Entry

Photo: April 27, 2020 Seventh Avenue


Sent 8/14/20

Forty-second Entry ? | defense production and pork

normal in fall 2021, testing, the working class


Forty-second Entry

4/28 Audio Flowering trees, NYC as a village, Soho’s next chapter. 3 min.

Photo: April 28, 2020 Prince Street

Sent 9/20/20

Forty-third Entry ? | the crystal ball is cloudy

sidewalks, Boeing, partisan news


Forty-third Entry

4/29 Audio Late night, out of balance, Mister Mister can I have a dollar. 2 min.

Photo: April 29, 2020 Avenue C




Sent 9/24/20

Forty-fourth Entry | cloud of safety, blanket of fear

tractor-trailer morgues, subway


Forty-fourth Entry

Photo: April 30, 2020 Elizabeth Street






Sent 9/28/20

Forty-fifth Entry ? | some things do not change

the phone, ICU, Indian Point Nuclear Reactor


Forty-fifth Entry

5/1 Audio Popular restaurants, Washington Sq Park skating sink, Flags at half mast. 2 min.

Photo: May 1, 2020 Mott Street


Sent 10/2/20

Forty-sixth Entry | this place may need noise

riot of color, a gift


Forty-sixth Entry

Photo: May 1, 2020 Spring Street



Sent 10/6/20

Forty-seventh Entry | a delightful unnecessary transaction

Kentucky Derby, Spring Street, hand written Covid signs


Forty-seventh Entry

Photo: May 2, 2020 Prince Street



Sent 10/10/20

Forty-eighth Entry | the lower east river

homeless encampment and art gallery, perimeter of Manhattan island


Forty-eighth Entry

Photo: May 3, 2020 West 21st Street


Sent 10/14/20

Forty-ninth Entry | another lesson of what is essential

rats, the Supreme Court, experts


Forty-ninth Entry

Photo: May 4, 2020 West 23rd Street



Sent 10/18/20

Fiftieth Entry | information is a kind of noise

George Floyd, Vietnam War, May 4th Massacre


Fiftieth Entry

Photo: May 5, 2020 3rd Avenue






Sent 10/22/20

Fifty-first Entry | the soundscape continues to expand

varied standards, primary election, 24 hour service


Fifty-first Entry

Photo: May 6, 2020 Sixth Avenue




Sent  10/26/20

Fifty-second Entry ? | how we adapt reveals who we are

green shades, noise has returned


Fifty-second Entry

4/1 Audio Popular restaurants, Washington Sq Park skating sink, Flags at half mast. 2 min.

Photo: May 7, 2020 Eighth Avenue






Sent 10/30/20

SPECIAL Entry – Final


Special Entry – Final

Photo: 2019 Postcard by John Amber


Sent 12/1/20