Fifty-second Entry


Thursday, May 7th, 2020

A chilly mid-spring morning; happily, the heat is still on in my building. The immeasurable variety of subtly different spring green shades, preserved by cold weather, will begin to diminish—even to the most discerning eye. Things change. That is the nature of our lives.

This morning I sat with a meditation group from Vermont, via Zoom. A helicopter with poorly tuned blades soiled the quiet on my end. Its energy, or at least its sound, took up a lot of space. I realized again that the noise of the city has returned and the most distinct part of the Covid time – the telling silence – is slowly fading away.

Sound expands to fill quiet spaces. Sound, outside of our homes, is one of the many things beyond our control. There are earplugs and windows to close, but still, the sound does not go away. We work with it, there is little choice. How we adapt reveals who we are