Fifty-first Entry


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Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

The soundscape continues to expand. The beeping of a truck in reverse, the irregular thud of a hand cart with one funky wheel, human banter from the sidewalks, and the harsh whine and occasional crunch or pop of a distant garbage truck all find their place.  

Disneyland in Shanghai will reopen next Monday.  

Navy Seal training has resumed—with masks, of course. The training sounds rigorous, especially during what is called “hell week”, when more than seventy percent of the candidates drop out. It’s interesting to think about the varied standards we set for people with different roles in our lives, from doctors to presidents.    

Another glimpse back to 9/11 today: Mayor Rudy Giuliani tried to cancel the early November mayoral election in 2001. The courts overturned it then and again yesterday; this time the courts ruled that the primary scheduled for April 28 must be held in June.  

The average number of passengers on a domestic flight is seventeen. 
The NYC subways are shut down from 1 – 5:00 AM. Will 24-hour service ever resume?