Covid Entry Acknowledgements


Hopefully the steady arrival of these entries has been simple and clean; making it happen has required a lot of help. Many thanks go to J Ladd and Bridget Lyons for reading and commenting on the texts. An even larger thank you goes to Joelle Azoulay, who has been in the trenches with every detail of this project – since before it started. And to Jehar of course. Thank you also to the readers who complete the process. 

*  *  *

Since 2020 additional people stepped in. Sonia Vierra helped create the archive in 2021. In 2023 SH McLieb took over with the final editing. Bridget Lyons has remained a vital part of the team and Joelle Azoulay the linchpin, none of this would have happened without her.   

All crucial and appreciated.


Photo: Prince Street, May 4th, 2020