Fifteenth Entry


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Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Toilet paper is still in super high demand; some stores are limiting purchases to one roll per customer.

Morning sitting is quiet. What does it take to change a place? Everyone knows how hard it is to lose weight; trimming 10 or 15% of your body weight can consume decades of energy sometimes with no significant result. And here, in this noisy, noisy place, much of the sound is gone. Gone.

The place of science and facts has drifted further and further from the main stage where they lived, or, where I thought they lived in my youth. Now, what affects us most is not exactly science but what could be called “informed projections.” People are following orders and changing their behavior based on projections. What about climate change? It seems that problem is too slow-moving to have our attention turn into action.

It was even quieter on my ride home last eve. The city is a different place, though still the same place, at least physically. At about 12:30AM, I rode more than 25 blocks on Seventh Avenue. During the whole moderately paced trip two vehicles passed me. I saw about nine people, three of them live on the street.