The Artist

In 1977, James Boorstein wanted to see if he could learn something about the art world and signed a two-year lease for a raw ground floor space in Chelsea. Since then, he has been held up at gunpoint, witnessed arson, been beaten up by the cops and observed many small acts of kindness. He has seen the Hudson River rise over its banks and spill into the city’s grid, bid on city-owned abandoned buildings, biked nearly every street and walked around the outermost edge of Manhattan Island. 

In his early years, Boorstein created a lot of work in the studio. He grew vegetables, showered in a neighbor’s backyard, learned to write and started a business. All while watching fancy restaurants move downtown as hardware stores, machine shops, and nearly all remaining industrial endeavors folded up.

Boorstein has published and exhibited his work in digital and new york publications and galleries. He has a long relationship with New York as a city and a place.


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