Covid Entries
Project notes

Hopefully the steady arrival of these entries has been simple and clean; it has required a lot of help. Many thanks go to J Ladd and Bridget Lyons for reading and commenting on the texts. An even larger thank you goes to Joelle Azoulay, who, aside from thinking this up, has been in the trenches with every detail of this project – since before it started. And to Jehar of course. Thank you also to the readers who complete the process. 

Auspiciously, from a historical point of view, the mid-point of this project aligned with the peak of deaths in New York City. The slower release of entries in the second half will increase the delay and may provide a different context for remembering and reflecting on what passed not so long ago.  

Covid Entry #22 – with the April 8th photo of a stationary store selling N-95 masks and hand sanitizer had a very different feel when it was sent out on May 18; by mid-May everyone had an arsenal of generic masks, and if not, they could be purchased more easily than lottery tickets – at sidewalk stands, coffee shops as well as the usual places. It was nearly the end of April before Staples finally took down their “No Hand Sanitizer” sign. But on May 27, the person who does purchasing in my office could not find any sources of even semi-reliable, commercially priced, N-95 masks, something we have used regularly for years. 

The most recent Entry, #25, mentions that the term “heroes” for nurses and healthcare workers was not in use, however, since then it has become common. If they were mostly white men in more expensive uniforms would “heroes” have been used more quickly? 

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