Special Entry – Easter



Sunday, April 12th, 2020

I noticed a headline above the fold on the front page of the New York Times yesterday. The word “apocalypse” caught my eye. I did not read the article to see if they mentioned the term fire drill.

Saint Peter’s Square is fenced off. The Pope celebrated Easter mass with a few masked helpers.

In France, a Good Friday Mass was held at Notre Dame Cathedral amidst charred timbers and melted scaffolding. The seven in attendance wore hard hats.

Spain plans to restart part of their economy tomorrow, although the number of deaths went up yesterday.

England’s prime minister was released from the hospital. Despite the upbeat reports, he said “it could have gone either way” before heading to his country home to rest.

China is slowly reopening. Students in Beijing go back to school in two weeks.

Not much news in the last cycle about Africa or the Indian subcontinent; clearly there is a lot more suffering ahead. Everywhere.

In the Americas, it has been a month since anyone has seen Nicaragua’s president Ortega, the authoritarian leader, and former revolutionary Marxist guerilla. Sounds like the government is led by vice president Rosario Murillo (Ortega’s wife) who has been actively encouraging people to go out for Easter celebrations.

Brazil is right in step with Nicaragua; president Bolsonaro, like our president, has called Covid-19 a “little flu” and a “fantasy” promoted by the media.

Canada. As usual not much news. A friend in Nova Scotia sent me a picture of his walks. Only 1 human was visible in what must have been a mile of open beach. A few days later he wrote that the beaches were closed.

Around the US the virus is spreading. Social distancing appears to be helping slow new infections. Mask usage is on the rise. More than eight hundred humans die every day in New York. The number is no longer increasing.

I have been noticing boarded up storefronts. I thought little of it until I passed a team boarding up a fancy store in Soho after 6:00 PM. Could the boarding be an insurance requirement? To protect against what – pending unrest, riots, revolution? Is boarding up essential work?


On Easter Sunday afternoon 2020 I rode around to clarify my casual observations.
On Sunday, June  7th, 2020 when the curfew ended I rode around to re-photograph the pictures from the Easter and Mid galleries.


(More pictures can be seen by clicking the first photo.)