Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 4:14 AM
Subject: Special Covid Entry – Easter


Hello Peoples,

Some of you knew Box 3 was hit hard with Y2K. Our clocks and thinking have never been the same since that forgotten virus.


We apologize for sending 2 entries – back to back.  At least it was a weekend, for those of you who still notice such thing.  Either way TOO much for any long-time Box 3 follower. I thought to use the disruption to slip in Mr. B’s Easter observations as a sort of ‘special entry.’ His daily picture from 4/11 reveals a fresh trend; I (for one) thought you should know about.  I mean, just in case – just sayin.


House keeper notes:
We plan to pick up with the sixth entry (3/23) after tomorrow. 


It has come to my attention that some people are only seeing the emailed picture; I meant not finding, or caring to use the skinny reddish link. The links carry you (so to speak) to the text and sometimes more. Of course, it is fine to just look at the pictures, that is what I have done much of my life. But we wanted to be sure you all know, or knew. 

Finally a few of you have asked about sending these entries other peoples, here is the Solicitation Letter 4/1/2020 Covid Entries – it should work ok. 


Here is the link to Special Covid Entry: Sunday April 12, 2020