Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Subject: Boorstein has a blog??!!


We all know the subject line seems unlikely… but these are strange times.
Perhaps an April Fool’s joke?

In the meantime, here is a letter from Mr. B. and a photo that he took a few days ago. Liquor stores, like gun shops in LA, are considered essential in these times.  

Green words are from me, Jehar. A bit more info is below. 


Hello Readers,

The Covid Entries, like Delayering, are not exactly intentional recordings. They result from what I have very recently come to think of as a personal defect; a need or desire to record events and observations instead of attending to other more pressing responsibilities.

A week ago, the idea was to share these “entries” 19 days after their creation – a glance back to what unfolded before, what was noticed and known that day. Like in Delayering, the entries will not interpret the recorded day from the present. The entries will be short, always with an image. Occasionally they will include a low tech audio ‘ramble.’ Some entries may draw from individual communications sent that day. Simple, I hope.

I do not want to overwhelm anyone. My inbox has not seen any social distancing, and perhaps yours hasn’t either. Being at the media epicenter of a bad situation seems to hold a bizarre panache – something rare to witness, an odd kind of gift. The first entry, from Friday March 13th, will be sent early Saturday. Additional posts will be sent every other day or so. If you want to be included please let us know. Otherwise, skip it.  Or, Jehar can tell you how to manually find the Covid Entries in the ether.
Stay well, look around.

My best,
James Boorstein

This email is being sent to a non-scientifically selected subset of Box 3 readers – mostly people who have reached out to check in or have expressed interest in Delayering or other slow-moving Box 3 Productions.  Feel free to share with others. 

The entries will only be sent to those who chose to receive them. Please let us know either way. 
Yes please    No thanks

Jehar Buptla
circulation manager