Saturday February 29, 2020

leap day  

Today, a peace treaty was signed in Qatar, Doha. This may lead to the end of America’s longest war a direct result of 9/11.   

It is a short agreement, about four pages. The Taliban will not allow any militants to use Afghan soil to train, to fight or to cause terror among Americans. Four thousand US and NATO troops are supposed to leave in 135 days. Prisoner swaps are part of this agreement, but the details have not been worked out. 

The president has called the corona virus a democratic hoax.  Same for climate change. 

The NASDAQ and Dow Jones both hit record highs in the last two weeks. The stock market has since dropped nearly 13% in just a few days – 3,600 points.  Impressive. That is as much as the market dropped over several weeks in 2008, the start of a hard time for which some have barely recovered. 

Many cases of the corona virus in Italy, and the virus is reported in more than forty countries.  





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