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Friday, March 27th, 2020

This morning I heard the phrase “uniquely ill-equipped” on the radio. From the NAACP who explained that this view is based on the fundamental inequalities of our culture.

A Two Trillion dollar aid package to put “American First” was signed into law.

New York’s Governor Cuomo said public schools will remain closed until at least April 15. He will decide if a longer period is needed. NYC Mayor de Blasio, reluctant to close schools just a short time ago, is now suggesting that they will not open this semester.

Belgium has banned going outside. Italy has outlawed outdoor sports activities –including individual jogging and biking. Iran, which so far has been hit the hardest of the middle eastern countries, has turned down American aid saying the virus was manufactured by the USA.

China is relaxing its social lock-down.

The president said he inherited an obsolete medical system.

A tiger in the Bronx zoo is sick with Covid 19.


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