Sixth Entry



Monday March 23, 2020

Selected from in and outgoing email notes today:

The president says “we are going to save American workers and save them quickly” He followed by saying he is working hard “to make this go away”

On my way to mail a letter I passed the Dominque Ansel bakery, home of the Cronut which must be listed in New York City guide books in more than one hundred languages I have never heard of. Not only was there no line outside, as there has been for years, there was not even one customer. The door was propped open. 

A co-worker flew back from Miami a few days ago from an aborted vacation. The ticket cost $50. He said there was hardly anyone on the plane.  

I am pondering starting some kind of Delayering blog.

Took a walk in a light cold rain. Came back and polished off a bowl of steel cut oats with salt, pepper and parmigiana. Very good.

I asked a friend, a high school teacher, if she still dresses like a school teacher for her on-line classes?    No.

Messages, and “check in” calls from around the country and world are reminiscent of 9/11 when NYC last had epicenter status.

From my health insurance company:

  • We’re offering a $0 copay for telemedicine visits until June 4, 2020.
  • Free coronavirus testing and doctor visits.
  • $0 copays for diagnostic testing and doctor visits related to COVID-19.