Friday March 13, 2020
Earlier in the week, the impact of the virus was compared to 9/11; now, by week’s end, it is being said to be worse than 9/11. Clearly it will be much worse yet—in terms of affecting more people, affecting the economy, affecting travel. And the effects will last longer and be felt across the globe. Subway use here is down almost 20%. All museums and libraries in Manhattan will be closed. Who knows when anything will reopen.

Apple will close all their stores, at least in North America; they plan to keep them closed for two weeks.

There are lines outside of big supermarkets on Manhattan—Trader Joes and Whole Foods. The Lifethyme health food store on Sixth Ave. had no line, and it had most food, but there was no meat or rice and just a tiny bit of pasta. Fresh foods and vegetables were in full supply. At the Union Square farmers’ market, there was plenty to buy, but fewer vendors. Had the vendors left by the time I got there at 4:00, had they already sold out, or did they never show up to begin with?


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